Online Class


Intuitive Painting with Kate Langlois

Coming soon-Summer 2018

A Self-Compassion Journey in paint using the Intentional Creativity™ Method of Mindfulness and Intuition.

Perfect for all skill levels!


  • ELEVATE Self Compassion Reframe inner self-talk & expand your Heart Tending capabilities
  • DISCOVER Creativity tools: Mindfulness, Intuition,  Intentional Creativity™, Paint & create new transformational patterns. 
  • LIGHT UP your Intuition:  Turn up this powerful connection between your heart and mind 



Use acrylic paint on canvas to create your own unique and powerful image. Journaling, Guided meditation & grounding breath work exercises are also part of this journey, allowing you to slow down & tune into self compassion.

How the Course is Delivered
Everything you need for the course will come to you via email including video instruction and printable content.  Guided meditation and grounding breathe work are part of this journey, allowing you to slow down & tune into self compassion. Connect with other Heart Muse Tenders in our private FB Group for support and sharing.

What you will Receive
Work at your own pace with detailed Video Instruction, Printable PDF content including prompts for Journal Inspirations to deepen your journey. 

Holding space for yourself with a gentleness is Self-Compassion

Grab your supplies & meet me at the canvas!


Feel free to use any similar supplies you have on hand~Detailed list HERE

I welcome you with all my heart to this Intentional Creativity™ journey!


I am a Visionary Artist creating paintings as part of the ever growing Intentional Creativity Movement™. At the heart of my work I’m exploring our interconnectedness, compassion, hope and the expansiveness of Love.

Originally from Vermont, I’ve  been creating art in Northern California for over 25 years. I am honored to have as my inspiring teachers, renowned visionary artists Shiloh Sophia McCloud and Sue Hoya Sellars.

My work reflects my passion for equality with a focus on human rights for women and girls. I teach painting as a transformative path, using image as a way to hold space for self-compassion and healing.

I have practiced both Reiki and Massage Therapy and have found Intentional Creativity™ to also be a profound healing modality.  I am a Certified Color Of Woman Teacher developed by Shiloh Sophia McCloud to teach the Intentional Creativity™ Method. When I am away from the canvas I can be found exploring  the realms of natural beauty from the sidewalk to the stars.

My joy in offering this work is as a tool for instigating transformation!


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